June 19, 2012
no pitti season 2

got a sick fit?

a killer kit?

a nasty gpoy?

a wicked wiwt?

are you part of the 99% of people that is not currently able to attend the #menswear bonanza that is pitti uomo?

are you seething with jealousy?

blinded by rage?

nauseous with neurosis?

send links of your outfits to thementhatpittiforgot@gmail.com


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January 13, 2012


Woke up this morning in a daze.

Put on some socks in the dark.

Looked down at my feet.

Thought I was in Florence.

Is that the Battistero out my window?


Didn’t have my glasses on yet.

Got dressed.

Bright colors, cold weather.

Playing the most dangerous’ game

Don’t pitti me. 

sock game on blast.

how long you gon last?

in a city.

with no pitti.

step back while i get busy.

layers on layers.

cant hate the players.

unless you lose often.

but i cant seem to not win.